The Butterfly Effect : My Love Story

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Are you familiar with the butterfly effect? I feel like everything in my life has led me to my future husband. My choices: the fact that I chose to learn Chinese and then decided to come to China all the way from Ukraine. I remember my Mom specifically insisted on that, she always saw me abroad. I’m quite patriotic but even I know that it’s good to be Ukrainian but not fun to live in this country. I came to China all by myself to get my Master degree in Economics. On the second year of my studies in Beijing, one funny day defined the rest of my life. I was invited to try myself as an actress in Chinese horror movie, after that I got invited again to play in another movie for Chinese cinema. That’s how my career as an actress in …show more content…

But I could hear his voice, he was talking to different people at the table introducing himself, I don’t think he knew anybody except of our friend in common – Katherine. When it was about to be my turn to introduce myself, to my surprise, I felt my heart beating so fast, so I can barely breath. He was sitting on my left, there was a girl sitting between us also Anastasiia. She introduced herself as AnastaZia (with Z), I said: “well, I have the same name but with a different pronunciation AnastaSiia (with S)”. Then he suddenly turned to me and said: “well, Anastasiia with S….”, I looked him in the eyes and I felt there’s been this spark between us. I didn’t realize, but at that very moment my subconscious mind already made a decision to fell in love. We’ve been together ever since…
I should trust my subconscious or sixth sense more often, because this time I was absolutely right about Julien. He became my soul mate, my friend and the love of my life. It turned out that we share same core principles of life, which is probably the most crucial for a happy couple. But at the same time we’ve got different opinions about different things. We are so different, but also so similar! I’d say that almost everything what we do in our daily life, we do it together: sports, watching movies, travelling, going out with friends and family.
We had too many happy moments, and every moment we spent together was special for me.

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