Personal Narrative: Moving Back To The US

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Hiding behind the stairs, I heard my mom say, “I think our time here is coming to an end.” Overhearing my parents’ statement startled me. Despite being unaware of the plot of this conversation, I hypothesized that some significant change was going to occur in my family’s life. Later, I entered my mom’s room to ask more questions. Unable to digest the most unanticipated and shocking answer in my life, a surge of questions streamed through my head: Why did we migrate from the US to India initially? Now, why are we moving back to the US? Why are they making arbitrary choices right before I start high school? All these questions swamped my mind.
Turning back the clock, after completing my preschool in the US, my family moved to India primarily so my brother and I could be raised in an environment learning our Indian traditions and culture. They wanted us to embrace our culture and most importantly, value our family relationships. I experienced my primary education in India and returned to this country for high school.
When I reflect upon my life, I realize how relocation and personal experiences in India shaped my character. From my time in India, I learned how to celebrate and view the spectacles of fireworks at Diwali, bust
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Walking into my high school, I already had trouble understanding the language, and top of that, I constantly feared eyes judging me. I felt lonely and lost hope of living a joyful life similar to the one I experienced in India. At times, I grew frustrated with the criticism I received when I could not effectively express my thoughts, but today, I write papers and give presentations fluently. My tenacity disproved my judgment and I started believing anything is achievable with determination. When I acknowledged the criticisms and challenged myself to learn the language and make wonderful friends, a different me
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