The Call Of Cthulhu By H. P. Lovecraft Summary

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CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT In H.P. Lovecraft’s short story “The call of Cthulhu,” written in 1926, Lovecraft does not give his main character a name. H.P. Lovecraft does not tell the readers anything about the main character besides that his great uncle, George Gammell Angell, has died in an accident. When George Gammell Angell dies the main character goes through George’s things, finding George’s manuscript that starts the main characters investigation. The main character may not be given a name or have much development behind his character, but the main character is the narrator of the entire short story. However, there are some points of inner dialogue from the main character so the readers can understand his emotions. H.P. Lovecraft, although he does not develop the main character to a large extent, does develop the side characters to the point we know who they are and what happened to them. George Gammell Angell, as stated above, is the main characters great uncle, as well as, a professor at Brown University before his sudden accidental death. H.P. Lovecraft goes as far as describing George Gammell Angell’s death:
The Professor had been stricken whilst returning from the Newport boat; falling suddenly, as witnesses said, after having been jostled by a nautical-looking negro who had come from one of the queer dark courts on the deceased’s home in Williams Street. Physicians were unable to find any visible disorder, but concluded after perplexed debate that some obscure

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