The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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Firstly, through my observations of the different courts it was evident the administration of justice is done in due time, and the process is not expedited without an outstanding reason as it can lead to misguided verdict. Furthermore, the criminal trial process in our society focuses on equality and promotes this principle by entitling an accused of even the most heinous crimes to civil liberties and processes as not to compromise the criminal trial process. A fair trial is an intrinsic right of all members of society making it fundamental to our being, and is ergo ensured to us all under s.11 of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. Provided with other preemptive measures to guarantee justice is achieved in the criminal trial proceedings. Additionally, the courts help facilitate an understanding of the legal process as to help the accused and their families be prepared in their defence. As well as providing an impartial and competent assessment in all stages of the trial process. Through my observations of all three courts, it was plain that all players present in the courtroom were there to administer justice and maintain the equity of our society. By providing a competent and impartial governing body to conduct the trial, but also by doing so: in a timely and thorough manner, while protecting the accused’s inherent rights, and by educating those partaking in the process as well as making educated decisions themselves. In all the cases I observed at the Elgin

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