The Car Crash Book Report

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After waking up in a strange clinic from a five-year coma, a desperate mother searches for answers to what happened to her daughter and what the clinic is hiding from her.


The world looks sideways, as EMILY (30’s) wakes up from her slumber. She realizes that she’s late picking up her daughter, MAYA (6). She surprised to see her ex-husband CAL at the school. When Emily didn’t show up, Maya called her father. Cal reminds Emily of Maya’s slumber party coming up.

Emily and Maya head home, when a car closely passes by, causing Emily to dangerously swerve the car and slam on the brakes. With her heart pounding she looks over at Maya.

At home, Maya’s head pops up from underneath the water in the bathtub. A security light pops …show more content…

She un-bandages her and realizes she’s seeing herself, scarred and bruised. Confused she runs into Fletcher, who takes her to his private quarters.

Fletches tells her that Dr. Ballard is seeking immortality through the activities of the patients. He discovered that once the body dies, the brain could be kept alive with brain activity. Suddenly, Emily remembers the car crash. Her memories after the crash were manufactured by the clinic. Fletcher tells her that Ballard is 153 years old and he’s being kept alive through the patients. His body is guarded. He discloses that Emily has the ability to enter Ballard’s world and kill him, stopping his control. That’s the only way she can be free. Emily finally agrees.

Fletcher hooks Emily up to a machine and she goes into the other world. She relives the accident, but Maya is missing. Emily eventually ends up at her home where she finds Maya.

Back at the clinic, Reid finds Dr. Ballard’s office and discovers Dr. Ballard hooked up to medical monitors.

At home, Maya tells her mother that Ballard won’t let her leave. Emily turns to see Ballard, alive, young, and dangerous. Emily and Maya run. Emily hides Maya in the closet as Ballard comes after them. Armed with a knife, Emily protects Maya and stabs Ballard to

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