The Case : Michelle Knight

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The case: Michelle Knight
Michelle knight is a 34 year old Caucasian women who was born April 1981, later on moving to Cleveland Ohio where she was raised (Knight, 2015). Growing up she recalls not having a good relationship with her mother, she remembers “a chaotic childhood marked by neglect and abuse” (Connors, 2014). In school she was bullied and eventually sexually assaulted “By a group of males “resulting in her dropping out of school and later finding out her had become pregnant as a result of the assault (DURANTE, ROBSON & WARREN, 2013). Soon after she gave birth to a baby boy she named joey, when joey was around two years old he was taken to the hospital and treated for a broken leg, Michelle stated that her mother’s boyfriend …show more content…

She was physically tortured and chained to a bed in different areas in Castro’s home on a dirty mattress, naked with no blankets even through the winter (Connors, 2014). She was forced to “use a bucket for a toilet that he hardly emptied and was not given the chance to shower or wash herself, for the first eight months” of captivity (Connors, 2014).
Michelle was isolated in a room for almost over a decade, during this time she was beaten, raped some times more than two times a day (Connors, 2014). She was impregnated more than 4 times by Ariel Castro, each time she had become pregnant he would starve her and beat her “with a barbell” causing her to miscarry the baby each time (Knight, 2015). Over the years Michelle would have visions of her and Joey having conversations, and playing in the snow together, she never let a birthday pass she always remembered every one (Kalymnios & Tolkin, 2015).
On May 6, 2013 nearly 11 year after being held prisoner she was finally found by authorities, due to her health condition at the time she was immediately hospitalized since she had not been to a doctor since she was 21 (Knight, 2015). She was told she had a life threatening bacterial infection in her stomach that was eating it away and the doctors were unsure if she was going to make it or not, luckily they found her in time (Mitchell, 2015). Doctors also told her that

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