Kantianism Vs Rule Utilitarianism

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Ethics plays a very important role in one social system and basically on how the people will make their actions or decide on a particular thing on whether it is the right or the wrong thing. Ethical consideration is very important. It helps a person or a group of person understands whether the actions are right or wrong. Ethics is a very critical factor most especially when considering where the ethical standards are to applied. Aside from it, weighing results of actions or decision is also another major concern because of the fact that a person has critically analyze whose side is needed to satisfied. There are instances that moral obligations are also considered, in which moral is defined as a universal accepted personal …show more content…

On the other hand, rule utilitarianism considers different factors in determining ethical actions or decision. In this type of utilitarianism, it significantly accounts the rule of law to where the action and decision is under jurisdiction and very much concerned with fairness. This basically means that actions or decision to be made is based on seeking to benefit most number of people but in terms of legal, fairest, and most just means of consideration (Martineau, 2006). In the case of Joelle, consideration of government laws regarding hazardous and dangerous chemicals, happiness of entire state and even global population over the population of the company are major factors that is considered in this ethical theory.
Kantianism theory of ethics is the principle provided by Immanuel Kant, who is a German Philosopher. Many experts consider Kantianism as a contrasting theory of utilitarianism. The major reason behind this claim is that Kantianism revolves mainly on the required duty and obligation over the consideration of emotional feelings or consideration of highest number of beneficiaries, which is being emphasized by Utilitarianism as the key in determining the right and wrong (Kaufman, 1999). In Kantianism theory, demonstration of

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