The Case Study of TRX Going Public

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This case gives comprehensive coverage of a firm’s decision to start an initial public offering but also to go through the process of going public. TRX is a company managing travel-and-data processing activities for its clients. Its target market has significant transaction volume in travel agencies, travel suppliers, large corporation and credit-card issuer. Regarding its service offerings, it focuses on transaction processing, data integration and customer care. Its fortune tied to the overall health of travel industry. TRX generates a lot of revenue but less profit. Trip Davis, Chief Executive Officer of TRX, Inc. decided it was time to raise capital in order to fund the growth of the company. His main focus was to accomplish a strategic recapitalization of TRX. This case gives a brief history about several events from the company’s incorporation in 1999 through the completion of an IPO in September 2005. The main goal is to raise capital but there is also a consideration of another reason for going public. In November 1999, they tried to go public but the IPO was never finalized. After the failed IPO, Trip Davis and TRX president decided to focus on strategic investors in order to raise $20 million convertible into equity at $11 per share. In 2004, he believed that Sabre, Inc. one of the largest strategic investors was not working for the best interest of the company. He took into consideration three possible capital raising options: IPO, private placement of equity, or

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