Essay about The Case of Disgruntled Nurses

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The Case of the Disgruntled Nurses Introduction: At the board of directors’ meeting, board president received a letter from staff council of Oneida Home Health Agency (OHHA), highlighting various staff concerns and suggestions. Rachel Nelson, who had been hired as the executive director of OHHA, was shocked and angered to see the letter, since this was a clear violation of organizational hierarchy and brought her management skills into question. Rachel had replaced Chuck about two years ago, who left the agency in a bad financial position. Soon after her induction, she was joined by Annemarie as nursing director, replacing the previous director Dorothy who had resigned. Rachel and Annemarie had been trying hard to deal with the…show more content…
In the office, when Annemarie faced the nurses, they felt that she was spying on them and when she closed the doors, nurses wondered if she was plotting something against them. Annemarie also had doubts about the professional behavior of the nurses. She introduced more control to keep things in her hands by monitoring productivity, directing all phone calls to her, making nurses sign in and out and scheduling of holiday coverage without discussing with the nurses. This led to the general feeling amongst nurses that they were losing their independence to do the work they liked, i.e. provide home care. Annemarie also hurt the self esteemiv of the senior nurses by preferring younger nurses, who had shown positive response towards her stricter standards and control procedures. Annemarie failed to understand that she had two different kinds of employees with different needs. The new nurses were motivated by their need for achievement, since they had their professional growth and development in mind. The senior nurses were motivated by their need for affiliation to their work as home care providers, which gave them respectable status and warm relationships with the people in community. Annemarie also preferred new nurses because of their educational degree, which reflected bad on her part, as she failed to realize that their customers preferred quality over
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