Organizational Change Proposal Essay examples

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Organizational Change Proposal
Science Applications International Corporation
Self-Development Process at SAIC

Introduction Science Applications International Corporation has long enjoyed a very focused and substantive self-development program. However, the self-development program for individual employees is guided by management determination of where the employee best fits into the organization. This suggests a mid-level, management centric approach to employee self-development. The challenge for SAIC is to create a systems approach for self-development that allows significant latitude for the employee to chart their unique, self-development strategy. SAIC does not allow the employee to develop a
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By and large, employees have stated that management is too focused on task execution and not enough on developing subordinates. Access to management is difficult within SAIC. The hierarchical structure of the company promotes a disconnected workforce. The consequences of SAIC leadership not recognizing employee perceptions could prove to be severe. Employee turn-over is high within many sectors of SAIC. This trend will continue if SAIC leadership does not empower their employees with more self determination in self-development.

Desired Future State The ideal state for self determination in the area of self-development is to allow the individual employee maximum latitude in accessing, enrolling, and completing three to four self-development modules annually. Many of these courses take an hour to complete on-line. SAIC leadership should cover the hours used for each employee through general overhead dollars. Although this would prove to be costly, it would save the company millions in the long run. As an alternative, employees could take these classes on their own time, if the overhead costs proved too high. Most employees would not think twice about bettering themselves by giving up four hours of time annually. SAIC is on the verge of transitioning to become a learning organization. The sheer size of the company is a major obstacle however. In 2013, SAIC will split into two distinct companies.
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