The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe

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The Cask of Amontillado “The Cask of Amontillado” composed by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the precise examples of Poe’s hypothesis of solidarity of the short story. Poe’s utilization of language helps the reader to understand the conflict between two men, Montresor and Fortunato. In the story, Montresor, cunningly, wants to take revenge from Fortunato. Although the two men are seen in an unexpected way, they both need a similar thing; to fulfill the desire for something that has long past due. Montresor is confessing his crime in front of someone. The story broadens Montresor character but limits Fortunato’s character. The theme of trickiness and revenge, is explained with the utilization of symbolism and irony, Montresor seeks peace …show more content…

Poe also specifies similarities between Montresor and Fortunato. For instance, to take revenge from Fortunato, Montresor is using Amontillado. Because Amontillado is Fortunato’s strength and he thinks himself to be a wine expertise. “He pride himself upon his connoisseurship in wine” (Poe 116). Curiously, Montresor sees Fortunato’s pride as a shortcoming (he sees his own as a quality), and like the cunning men he is, Montresor praise upon this point, making a nonexistent container of Amontillado that he knows Fortunato effectively taste. To guarantee that, Montresor goes even above and beyond and pokes Fortunato’s pride by saying that he wants to have Luchresi taste the wine on the grounds that “if anyone has a critical turn, it is he” (Poe 116). Fortunato pride can’t acknowledge that anybody is preferable at wine sampling over he is, so Fortunato affronts both Montresor and Luchresi by saying that “you have been imposed upon; and as for Luchresi, he cannot distinguish Sherry from Amontillado “(Poe 116). So awesome is Fortunato’s pride that he does not see the impact of his abuse have upon Montresor; he trust that he can state and do anything as a result of his prevalent aptitudes. As a result, his pride makes him fall into Montresor’s trap. Fortunato and Montresor had same skills in identifying Italian vintages. Montresor says that “I did not differ from him materially;-I was skillful in Italian vintages myself, and I can bought largely

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