The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allen Poe

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Edgar Allen Poe had many pieces of literature, but one in particular “The Cask of Amontillado” reflected his personality. It is a short story that can be read easily, and can take on many ironies. The several ironies can point to the fact that Poe himself was implanted into the story as he was a mysterious man. There are several characters with different personalities often interpreted as Poe hiding his dark side which would be “Montresor”. The other personality Fortunato could be that drunken personality Poe was trying to hide. The character Montresor was a timid, vehement person. When Fortunato tempted him and said ridiculous things he vowed to take him out. Which was often thought of as a weird occurrence because Fortunato is thought of as a cheerful character throughout the story, eventually leading to his death. Montessor is thought of as Poe because of his close correlation with being held within himself and seeming kind of reserved. Poe may as well be hiding the true fact that deep down he is a killer. The character Fotunato is a gleeful drunk throughout the entire story up until his death. This could be the side of Poe that he often physically expressed in day to day life. This side is often shown by Poe and he wants to end it forever so he seals this personality up with a brick wall so to speak. He want to be more like his dominant side of Montresor. He expresses the gleeful side but withholds the dark side of his personality and this story interprets the way he

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