The Castle of Otranto & Northanger Abbey Comparison paper.

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Danny C. Dumoulin. Dumoulin 1.
Dr. Lynne Crockett.
Gothic Literature.
Nov. 11, 2013.
Comparison on both novels:
The Castle of Otranto & Northanger Abbey The Castle of Otranto was written in 1764, by Horace Walpole. This novel is a Gothic novel, and I will be writing an essay about this novel to show, and explain how Gothic it is. I will be picking a specific character to explain and compare to another book to show how both are Gothic, but in their own way. This essay will seek and unfold the differences of Manfred in Otranto, and General Tilney in Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. When Northanger Abbey was written is …show more content…

In this novel “Otranto”, Manfred has a son that gets killed and no one knows how or why. His son is to be married to Isabella, but things go a different direction when she finds out that Manfred wants to marry her now. When Manfred pursues Isabella in a sexually way, his demand for a divorce from his wife Hippolita seems unreal, due to the incestuous nature of both relationships. Manfred’s logic seems to be lost and his justification, and his reasoning for his actions makes very little sense. What makes this Gothic is, this is a dark way of living, and how evil it is to live this way. From the novel “Northanger Abbey”, “General Tilney is accurately, if understandingly, described by Mrs. Morland as a strange man (Austen 29). In this story there is a character named Catherine Morland who is a tom-boy, that is a girl that is becoming a woman. As she is becoming a woman, she is pulled between both boys and playing sports, like Cricket. Her mother and father send her off to an upper class resort to meet young men. There she encounters a man named Henry and she falls in love with him. General Tilney is a man who runs a very strict household, despite his actions to appear laid back to Catherine. General Tilney is a stickler for people being on time. He is always getting angry at people for disrupting his schedule or his sense of integrity and discipline. General Tilney is a jerk to his kids, and is known for having things done his own way, down

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