The Catcher In The Rye Sparknotes

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Summarize - Ishmael is told that he is going to live with his uncle’s family officially in two weeks. He was scared about how he’d act, since he’s been alone for so long. He says farewell to his friends in the center, and learns that Mambu is going back to the army because he won’t be taken in by his family. He says farewell to Esther, too. He realizes that he never told her how thankful he was for her support. He goes to his Uncle’s house, and loves it there. He shares a room with Allie, his older boy cousin. The family gathers together at night and listenes to stories, and they all laugh. Ishmael thinks about how nice but unusual it is for him to be around people who are so joyful and welcoming. He went to a pub with Allie one night, and meets a girl who he dates for a couple weeks. She breaks up with him because he won’t open up, and that’s what happens with the other girls of Freetown as well. One day, Leslie tells Ishmael that he has the opportunity to go to New York City and talk to the UN about boy soldiers and what has been …show more content…

At first the book says that they couldn’t find that document for him to go to New York, but they do. I thought it would be burned or something of that sort.
Cite and explain - “Sometimes my uncle and I went for strolls after work. He would ask how I was doing; I always told him I was fine. He would put his long arms around me and pull me closer.” (page 190) Ishmael still surpresses things, and I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t know how to express himself. He did that with Esther. I think he might be sparing his uncle from the guilt, and I know his uncle already knows, but hearing it from the one who experienced it makes it a lot more real.
React - Ishmael is off doing some big things! He went through everything, so it is best fitting for him to speak for the UN. Ishmael went through all of this, but not in vain. I’m proud that he’s going to educate others from his

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