The Catcher In The Rye: The Impact Of John Lennon's Life

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John Lennon’s music still impacts people’s lives today by giving them hope even after his unexpected murder 36 years ago. Mark David Chapman’s life was complicates even before he became a murderer. After ending his job, Chapman used Lennon’s name to sign out. He quit on October 23 so that he could tour different places (Behnke, 2012). After he quit his job, Chapman left for New York to follow Lennon around for a couple of days even though he reported to his pals that he was going to London. During Chapman’s ride in a cab around New York, he yelled about how famous people had the attention of society. He also attempted to give the driver drugs. After a few days of being in New York, he abandoned drugs and started to dislike the Beatles. Next, Chapman started reading The Catcher in the Rye. Chapman took the book seriously, so he started comparing his life to the characters in the book (“Beatle murder,” 1994). Chapman had a plan to shoot John Lennon; he just had to find a way to acquire the bullets. Chapman bought .38 caliber gun before leaving Hawaii on the 27 of October. He bought this gun that can hold five bullets for 169 dollars. Until he got to New York, Chapman didn’t realize that he didn’t have any bullets and that he could not buy them …show more content…

This crime happened on December 8th of 1980 (“John Lennon,” 2013). While Chapman was staying near the Lennon’s apartment with a loaded gun, he asked Lennon to autograph Lennon’s newest record (“Beatle murder,” 1994). Chapman yelled out John’s name and then shot him. Moment’s before he was shot, Lennon and his wife had just gotten back to their apartment named “the Dakota” (Edgers & Tugeau, 2006). Chapman had repeatedly shot John Lennon five times (“John Lennon,” 2013). John Lennon was taken to Roosevelt Hospital in a hurry after he was shot and fell in front of his home. Lennon’s injuries were too severe to operate on when he arrived at the hospital (“Beatle murder,”

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