The Catholic Church Of England

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Life back in the 1600s wasn’t at all too easy.The rulers didn’t have enough knowledge of ruling their place correctly.They thought that the way they were governing was faultless, but it wasn’t. Many colonists were almost forced to move away from their home to have a better way of life. This was bad and good at the same time. Bad, because the people were struggling, but good, because without this, America would have not been as hardworking as it is now. Gladly, America was vastly available for growing colonies. For instance, the European Pilgrims, also known as Separatists, had to depart. Named Separatists because of their separation from a church they did not like any more. It happened when King Henry VIII began to reign; he had changed their Roman Catholic Church into the Church of England. The Pilgrims did not enjoy the way this was going, they thought that this way was not right and wanted to continue practicing their faith their own, original way.They tried to do this, but it became illegal to practice any other form than the Church of England’s way. Then, they had no other choice and decided to move to Holland, escaping religious persecution and seeking religious freedom. In Holland, they began having a better life, but nothing can last forever.Although it seemed like the perfect place to live in, the Pilgrim’s children were becoming used to Holland 's cultures and quickly adapted to Dutch’s ways and languages. This was another problem they did not want. So, they
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