English Colonies Dbq

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The original colonies in Northern America faced rapid development in the early seventeenth century, as the original colonists saw great potential in the region, and they gave hope to individuals throughout Europe for better lives. The original English colonists of 1607-1630 brought numerous values to Northern America that shaped the colonial lifestyle, and have continued to influence U.S. history. The colonies were rooted in religious ideals, labor opportunities, and the hope for economic gain. These original colonial values vary in the extent to which they shaped, and continue to shape, American history, but have all influenced the American character to some degree. The earliest English settlements in Northern America consisted of Jamestown, Plymouth, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Pilgrims were Separatists that journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Mayflower in 1620 in order to break away from the corrupt Church of England. They established the colony of Plymouth where they were able to practice their religion freely. Similarly, another Christian group called the Puritans, left England in 1630, also seeking refuge to practice their beliefs freely. John Winthrop created the notion of the “City Upon a Hill” for the Massachusetts Bay colony that exemplified the ‘pure’ lifestyle and governance that would influence other societies (Doc D). The United States has a long history of religious splintering and various religious movements- over 900 denominations of
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