The Causation And Consumer Reaction At A Fox News Reporter, Cody Derespina

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In the news this August a Fox News reporter, Cody Derespina, described the causation and consumer reaction to “Target Going Gender Neutral in Some Sections”. After receiving some complaints from customers the retailer felt the need to address the amount of gendered language in the children sections and the colors being used to categorize certain toys. For example, one mother sent a tweet to Target with a picture of a sign saying “Building Sets” and below it reading “Girls’ Building Sets”. She stated that Target should not be being doing this and her tweet went viral with around 3,000 retweets. Target responded saying that “We’ve made sure to share this with the right teams for further review”. The article stressed there is another side to this argument where some consumers believed that Target should not being changing these gendered practices because this is how consumers have always been accustomed to shopping. “Leading up to that moment there’s been a broader conversation about gender and signs and using gender indicators, especially as it relates to kids,” Target spokesperson Molly Snyder told Fox News (Derespina 2015). This debate over gendering toys and other objects at Target brings attention to the cultural scripts used in American culture that aid in the creation of gender segregation and discrimination, and shed light on what many feminists are striving for in new identity politics.
Chad Goldberg (2015) further explains the socialization of gender by stating that

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