The Cause And Effect Of Bullying

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It 's thirty minutes till the school bell rings, A terrified twelve year old girl sobs begging her mother to keep her from school. Meanwhile, across town another twelve year old young lady tries to arrive to school ready to learn, she is detoured by her raging mother mad because clothes are not folded properly in their place. The sobbing pre-teen will be coerced to go to school and, the one with family problems finally arrives thirty minutes late finishing her homework on the car ride all the while mother has yet to halt the abuse. Unknowingly these social differences result in catastrophe. So we ignore the common variables within our family that make bullies and define the bullied.


More frequently than not parents are the underlined cause of bullying. At the very least they are responsible for teaching the ways in which to avoid the stress and social impact bullying causes .
Several parenting patterns, cause children to boss around or to be bullied as well as give birth to the perpetrator, the bully.


Authoritarian style parenting, which makes usage of violence or intimidation to coerce children into cooperation is one that results in a bully to form.
This may look normal to most parents that grew up when belts were all the fashion. The parent uses the former school,
"Do as I say because I said so"
"Kids should be seen and not heard." approach to raising children.
The children living within this household are expected to take

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