The Cause And Effect Of The Holocaust

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Angela Chou
Mr. Folsom
World History II Per.2
22 April 2015
The Cause and Effect of the Holocaust Throughout the endless history, there were lots of important and influential event. For example the Dark Age, Enlightenment, Civil War, World War I and II and the Cold War. Over all of these event, there was one event that deeply influence the world and the Jews today, it was the Holocaust. Holocaust, a term that people use to describe the horrible event that happened during World War II which kill millions of innocent citizens. The Holocaust started at January 13, 1933, when Hitler became the leader of Germany. It continued until the V - E Day, which happened on May 8, 1945. 6 million Jews, and 5 million non-Jews were killed during the Holocaust. The causes and effect of the Holocaust was Hitler’s racism, poor economic conditions, and the death of 6 million Jews which led to the creation of the nation of Israel. One of the main reasons that caused the Holocaust was the racism of Hitler. “But that there was a conflict with his father arising from his unwillingness to follow a career in the civil service. And that his father found fault with his son’s indolent and purposeless existence, in which drawing appeared to be his main interest, seem certain. (Source 1, Page 18) The childhood of Hitler caused him to become racist and had the hatred toward the Jews. Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler, wants Hitler to study politics; However, Adolf Hitler, wished to study art. Hitler’s
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