The Three Main Causes Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in history. It involved the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews and certain groups of people that were unable to meet the standards of the Aryans. The Holocaust involved the slaughter of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators under Adolf Hitler. The three main causes of the Holocaust were, Anti-semitism, Propaganda, and Hitler. Anti-Semitism was used to carry out the final solution through persecution and later extermination of Jews. Anti-Semitism is the discrimination and extreme hatred of Jews. Anti-Semitism built a platform for the Nazi to take control of the people. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat and made people in society believe that they were …show more content…

Propaganda is the use of mass media like television, radio, magazines and other mediums to make a large number of people believe a specific point of view. Propaganda controlled Germans and allowed them to adapt to the idea of murdering the Jews. Nazi party created such effective propaganda that immediately people only saw or heard their opinions and they had the urge to comply with them. They portrayed their anti-semitism and the murderous concept of killing Jews in a way that made it indirect yet straightforward and clear. This propaganda allowed almost the entire population to develop a strong hatred for the Jews. Hitler forced all media sources in Germany to send out antisemitic messages to citizens. Anything that opposed him in media was censored or removed. Posters and advertisements were used to falsify the German citizens into supporting violence leading up to the Holocaust. It was especially powerful in enabling the genocide to move from ideology to action. These visual deliberately misled people to believe the ideology was right because of the constant repetition of the same message. Propaganda softened people’s resistance to Nazi aggression. Nazi propaganda encouraged those carrying out the holocaust to think their actions were acceptable. The holocaust was not only caused by …show more content…

Hitler had shown unwillingness to tolerate the Jews and once he was appointed Chancellor, he started to take elimination measures like deportation, forced emigration, and isolation to enforce his belief. He took advantage of Germany’s weakness in World War One, then used it as an opportunity to blame the Jews for Germany’s defeat. Hitler’s political party was the largest political party in Germany thus allowing them to draw very large crowds to gatherings. He had very good oratory speeches with hand gestures that easily manipulated people to adhere to his views. Hitler constantly targeted the Jews because he knew people believed in these speeches. People in Germany were already anti-semitic but Hitler made it worse by constantly consuming them in his speeches. From the way he spoke about the Jews, we could clearly see the possibility of genocide. Hitler wanted Germany to be free of any humans that anyone other than his ideal master race so he personally selected bodyguards to be part of a group called the SS. Hitler was responsible for ordering the SS to carry out the extermination of anyone who did not fit this ideal. The SS handled oppositions using force and as a result of which people were forced to give into the idea of violence. Sometimes people purposely went along with this Holocaust ideal due to the fear of getting killed. These terrors allowed the holocaust occur

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