The Cause And Effects Of Hurricane Harvey

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Hurricane Harvey Raging waters tear through houses, businesses, and estates leaving them afloat. Children are left without parents, parents are left without children, a city is left in desperate need of a savior; Houston, Texas. This disaster will most likely be one to remember. The natural catastrophe known as “Hurricane Harvey” has caused great damage to not only the city of Houston, but it has also had an effect on its people, the economy, and has opened up room for faulty organizations to obtain money from its cause.
A hurricane is a storm with a violent wind, particularly a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. Hurricanes typically originate in the Atlantic basin, and are classified by the Saffir-Simpson Wind scale ( These winds are rated from 1-5, based on the storm’s maximum sustained winds ( In return, the higher the rating, the greater the hurricane’s potential for property damage. It would behoove one to take extra precautions when living in an area that is subject to tropical storms. Hurricanes are likely to occur during June 1st and November 30th. Though there have been instances were hurricanes have occurred outside of it, this time frame is more commonly known as “Hurricane Season” (
Hurricane Harvey originated over the Caribbean and North Atlantic oceans. Bob Henson and his colleagues from the Wunderground team began tracking the storm as early as August 17th. Around this time, the storm

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