The Cause Of Autism In Children

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In the past fifty years autism has grown rapidly. Autism was first thought of as a form of childhood schizophrenia. After time and research it was eventually deduced down to its own syndrome. Usually autism is diagnosed around age three but, in certain cases has slipped through unnoticed until the later years of childhood. There are many beliefs in the cause of autism, but vaccines are not the reason of this current epidemic. “One in one hundred and sixty-six is at the present time the proportion of children who suffer from autism. This proportion is astonishingly high compared with the figure of one in two thousand and five hundred, which autism researchers had accepted for decades.”(Lilienfeld, 58) There has been ongoing development of …show more content…

In one such case when the discovered vaccines that had thimerosal, there has been dependable reason to believe that there is a connection to the current reasoning of the cause of …show more content…

The CDC announced that the removing this compound was just trying to make a safe vaccines even safer for the children. This removal has caused a lot of hype in causing people to believe that this compound was the reason causing autism in children. “In 2004, two studies performed in the United Kingdom examined whether thimerosal, in vaccines caused neurodevelopmental or psychological problems; neither found evidence that early exposure to thimerosal was harmful” (Offit, 1278-79). In these findings the CDC had academic proof that thimerosal caused no harm to children at all. With this proof the media still didn’t believe that was the true reasoning. After the CDC did released this a lot of groups used this to pursue that they should not vaccinate because of this and that they couldn’t trust the CDC anymore. Also after the CDC press release about thimerosal being removed nerarly ten percent of all hospitals in the United States stop giving newborns the hepatitis B vaccine which did contained trace amounts of this compound. With this happening in the US there developed many dangers for newborns having risk for getting hepatitis B which is very dangerous in infants. In 2000, Many parents started advocacy groups with the belief that thimerosal has been the cause of their children being

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