The Cause Of Homelessness In The United States

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Usually the government wants the best for the people of its nation, and provides for their needs. Shockingly, this is not the case in Yemen, where families with young children are left to defend themselves. Specifically homosexual men are being targeted by their own nation, and terrorist groups. The conflict in Yemen is in the most dire of situations as innocent people are dying, becoming homeless, and getting arrested. This is an urgent problem because many innocent people are being victimized in Yemen, and have nobody on their side.
To start with, innocent people given harsh punishments, some even being killed simply because of their sexuality, by the government and terrorists. Yemeni law is governed by the Sharia Law. “Under this Islamic …show more content…

People are losing their homes because of the many terror attacks, and are forced to live on the streets. The United Nations say that there are more than 500,000 displaced Yemenis currently. Children don’t have homes due to the violence and the destruction of homes because of wars and airstrikes by terrorist groups. There are also about 250,000 Somali refugees being impacted by the fighting in Yemen. This is most of the population from Yemen, that is being affected by the war in Yemen. Another example of this is a woman named Saud Abdo Ali, who currently lives in Yemen in a tent with her daughter. She says, “We live under the cold and the rain. Sometimes we eat from the garbage, my little daughter cleans the home of neighbours for only $0.5 to buy us some bread to feed ourselves.” Since people no longer have homes due to the violence, they are also starving and in desperate need of food as well. Families lives have been completely turned around because of the war, and have no shelter or …show more content…

This makes a good point as CNN has said, “Since the Cato Institute analysis was published in September 2016, a Somalian refugee injured 13 people at Ohio State University in November in what officials investigated as a terrorist attack. “ Although there have been a few terror attacks from Muslim refugees, there are far more innocent people such as families with young children suffering from terror attacks, starvation, and homelessness in their countries According to the United Nations, "the largest humanitarian crisis was in Yemen where two-thirds of the population — 18.8 million people — need aid and more than seven million people are hungry and did not know where their next meal would come from.” This shows that even though a few terrorists are refugees coming from Yemen, the majority of the population is in a major crisis, and desperately need help.
To conclude, Yemen is in urgent need of help, because of the many arrests, deaths, and loss of homes. The violence in Yemen is affecting families, and the LGBT community and is negatively impacting the people who live in the country as a whole. It is necessary to get involved and fight for gay rights in Yemen, because many people’s lives are in danger. Join organizations that protect Yemen refugees, hold protests in school for gay rights, hold fundraisers for the many people losing homes. Some

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