The Cause and Effect Essay (Report)

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Philippine Normal University National Center for Teacher Education College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature Department of English In partial fulfilment of the course requirement in Teaching Writing Submitted by: Constantino, Jen Marini M. Darasin, Eunice C. III-9 BSE English Submitted to: Prof. Ali Anudin February 8, 2013 CAUSE AND EFFECT ESSAY Definition Cause and effect essay explores why things happen (cause) and what happens as a result (effects). This essay gives reasons and explanations for behaviors, events, or circumstances. *Cause – a reason for an action or condition *Effect – a result or outcome * Causal chain / Domino effect - is a chain formed of a cause producing a situation and…show more content…
C. Structuring the Causal chain / Domino Effect Essay I. Introduction · Provide thesis and mention the first and the last parts of the chain II. Body · Discuss the events that are produced by the former events. State the dominos chronologically. III. Conclusion · Return to the thesis statement and summarize the whole essay in general and explicitly states the deductive reasoning, earlier established from the causes in a categorical order. How to Write Cause and Effect Essays I. How to Write Cause and Effect Essays a. Purpose and Thesis: - Be sure to identify the relationships among the specific causes and effect you will discuss. Always have in mind that every cause or effect needs to have a concrete relationship with its counterpart to have a good sequence, unity and coherence. b. Thesis statement should tell the readers: ✓ It doesn't have to be persuasive ✓ The points you plan to consider ✓ The position you will take ✓ The cause and/or effect you consider most important. ✓ The order in which you will treat your points. c. Possible sequences: ✓ Chronological ✓ Main cause first, and then contributory causes ✓ Contributory causes first, and then main cause. ✓ Negative effects first, then
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