The Statue Of Slavery

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The humankind is one of large ego and guilt, and in every period during history have they done selfish acts in the name of “survival”. Every generation, and every culture built much in this world, yet might have still used the wrong path to do so. America is one major example for this. The Americans, just like many other cultures, have used immoral techniques for the benefit and prosperity of themselves and their dawning country. They stole the lives of millions in order to keep their lives intact. Americans captured Africans and traded them in the colonies, and tormented them in order to utilize them as slaves to work under their control and grow their land. Such an immoral act had a huge impact throughout history even up until today.…show more content…
They felt that slavery should be abolished because it was morally wrong and economically unnecessary. Yet, numerous Southerners were highly opposing this idea as they needed slavery because their farming and agricultural economy basically depended on them, unlike the North which had a strong manufacturing potential. Slavery was like an addiction that the south could not break through. This resulted in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, by which the land that was west of the Mississippi River and east of the Appalachian Mountains was to outlaw slavery, establishing the idea of free states and slave states. Slavery was also a benefit to the Southerners due to the fact that representation in the congress was determined by the population number, and that the slaves were also counted within the population.
Then, the emotions of disgust and discomfort, by the Northerners (the abolitionists) towards the Southerners, flared up acting as a major cause of the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865. The war ended with the Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery throughout the whole country, and the addition of the 13th amendment which confirmed this law.
After the slaves were finally freed upon their will many thought that it would be like heaven. Yet, while working as slaves they had no real idea of
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