The Cause of Eating Disorders Essay

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The Cause of Eating Disorders Although the causes are many and varied, we know that people with eating disorders often use food and the control of food in an attempt to compensate for feelings and emotions that may otherwise seem overwhelming. For some, dieting, bingeing and purging may begin as a way to cope with painful emotions and a way to feel in control of one's life, but ultimately, these behaviors will damage a person's physical and emotional health, self-esteem and sense of competence and control. Psychological factors that can contribute to eating disorders include: Low self-esteem. Feelings of inadequacy or lack of control in life. Depression, anxiety, anger or loneliness. A quest for perfection.…show more content…
Cultural norms that value people on the basis of physical appearance, and not inner qualities and strengths. Scientists are still researching possible biochemical or biological causes of eating disorders. In some individuals with eating disorders, certain chemicals in the brain that control hunger, appetite and digestion have been found to be imbalanced. The exact meaning and implications of these imbalances remain under investigation. Eating disorders are complex conditions that can arise from a variety of potential causes: physical, emotional, social and familial issues. Once started, they can create a self-perpetuating cycle of physical and emotional destruction. All eating disorders require professional help. All causes need to be addressed for effective prevention and treatment. The earlier an eating disorder is discovered and addressed, the better the chance for recovery. The cultural context for eating disorders 1. Eating disorders are serious and complex problems. We need to be careful to avoid thinking of them in simplistic terms like, "anorexia is just a plea for attention" or "bulimia is just an addiction to food." Eating disorders arise from a variety of physical, emotional, social and family issues, all of which need to be addressed for effective prevention and
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