The Causes And Consequences Of The Holocaust

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Introduction From small random acts of kindness to large charities and organizations who aim to help and aid others, humanity has been able to thrive and flourish showing all that we can achieve and accomplish. Sadly things are never as good as they seem because we can also infer that humanity is very much capable of horrific things. Throughout the long and violent course of mankind, there have been many genocides and atrocities that have occurred. The crusades, world wars, and some government enforced genocides are some examples of the horrid events that have taken place in our history, each event being accountable for millions and millions of lives. Out of all them, the most discussed and taught about atrocity is World War II, which took place mainly in Europe from September 1, 1939 to September 2, 1945. Led by the infamous Adolf Hitler, one of the goals of Nazi Germany was to rid Europe of Jews. Hitler's perspective on the Jews was that they caused all of Germany’s problems and even held them responsible for the loss the country had in World War I. By doing so, Hitler made a big enemy.
The Holocaust Soon after World War II started, The Nazis created places such as the ghettos, concentration camps, and labor camps where they placed the millions of jews that they captured throughout the war. Those camps were in horrid living conditions and a lot of the jews were unable to make it out alive. Families were separated, people forced into harsh working conditions,

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