The Causes And Consequences Of The Industrial Revolution

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In the last part of the eighteenth century, a new revolution was born with it came a new standard of living. It shaped the world into what people of "today" are familiar with. This time period of the late eighteenth century is known as the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution paved the way for the modern society as we know it. It marks a period of widespread urbanization and long strides in technology and industry, which brought about major lifestyle changes among the all the social classes. It began in Great Britain in the early 1800s , which was the only country not in extreme debt after the war in Europe at the time. It has had several consequences, both good and bad. The Industrial Revolution brought: an end to the cottage industry, poor living conditions , and awful working conditions. Before the revolution, society revolved around farming and agriculture. There were only two social classes, the nobility and the working class, or servants.
When we think of the industrial revolution we think of coal and steam power. Factories bellowing out smoke and ash, this was really in the later part of the revolution. The industrial revolution thundered with the invention of steam power, steam engines, and railroads. Cottage industries was at the brink of extinction, as mass-produced goods were cheaper and faster to produce. Before this time many people worked from home. Raw materials were delivered to people's cottages. This was an advantage for the workers because
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