The Causes And Dangers Of Sex Trafficking In Nepal

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Trafficking in Nepal happens very often and people around the world need to help prevent and put a stop to it. More than 12000 girls a year are captured and held captive for many years out of their life to be sold for sex. Many girls are also sold by their family because they have no money to support themselves. Children that are separated from their families are more likely to be trafficked. If the girls try to escape or do not do as they are told there will be torture and beating. People in this world should realize how dangerous and likely in Nepal it is to be trafficked and beat by men. We need to take action to help stop young women from being trafficked and find an end to it. Sex trafficking happens everywhere in the world. One day I was shopping and I saw a little girl that looked around 12 years old with an old man. She looked upset and the old man was holding on to her hand tightly and he looked very serious and angry. The man looked too old to be her father and it made me wonder. Could he be trafficking this innocent girl?
You should recognize how terrible and heartless trafficking is because the girls that go through it will never live the same. Some families do not accept them back so they may never see their brothers, sisters, or family members ever again. It is so terrible because it is not their fault. The poor young women that are put through sex trafficking may never have a job again, these traffickers have affected the lives of these women for forever.
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