The Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate change is caused by human activity. This climate change in turn, causes hurricanes. The hurricanes will destroy the human population main resources. This will lower people into having less important resources such as: food, shelter, and water. Having less resources could lead to poverty, which is known in developing countries such as: India, Philippines, and Haiti (Weeks 56). There are also changes in the oceans that are being affected. This change occurring could lead to the ocean over flooding due to contaminating the ocean caused by humans because humans have an impact on the environment. Humanity needs to cut down the production in the coal industry because people are burning the coal; this is causing the coal to pollute the air people breath. The effects of climate change is caused by deforestation, overpopulation, burning coal, and contaminated food production.
The cutting of the trees is causing deforestation, the trees are a helpful resource in the environment. According to an article by Struck states, “Experts say deforestation threatens a delicate balance in which forests act as Earth's lungs: absorbing carbon dioxide — the biggest contributor to climate change — and expelling oxygen” (29). This effect causes more of the air to become contaminated by carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a harmful gas that is released into the air. The trees help keep down the carbon dioxide in the air; this releases oxygen, so people can breathe clean air. As

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