The Causes For The Emergence Of Speech

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The Causes for the Emergence of Speech in Humans By Fazrurnaguib Paharuddin Since the beginning of time, humans utilized the mechanism of speech to interact with each other and to gain specific needs and benefits. The emergence of Homo sapiens finally revolutionized the way humans achieve what they wants. Humans are assumed as a magnificent creature and consequently each cultures has its own tale on how we became exist and prominent on the Earth (Long, 1963). Speech and language are among the pivotal keys to the purposes of social communication. In this paper, I will discuss about the foundation of speech in humans. The study of this topic is hard and controversial because there is no direct evidence linking the reasons and the theories. For this reasons, scholars from many different areas have come up with varieties of ideas and speculation to resolve the causes and the chain events of reactions that lead to the emergence of speech in humans. Humans’ extraordinary ability to make use of the mouth for speech caused scholars to deduce that this evolution is a compelling progression (Fitch, 2000). To get the matter at hand precise and concise, I will select a few theories that I found fascinating and analyze them. The advantages and disadvantage of these theories will be looked at to determine which of them best answers the real justification of the development of speech in humans. First, we have a theory proposed by Max Müller in his lectures in 1861. He claimed two
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