The Causes Of German Book Burnings

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All throughout history groups have burnt books for many different reasons. To silence opposing views, to take control, and many more. However, more often than not, the cause of those book burnings is because of our differences. Humans have a hard time accepting that others might not believe the same ideas as themselves, that we all have different opinions. In America, people have more freedom when it comes to deciding who they believe in and what they follow. However, in other countries it can be dangerous to follow their own beliefs. Differences cause people to fear and hate cultures that are different from their own which in turn causes them to burn books that belong to those different cultures to keep that fear away. Germany has often been the main topic when it comes to hate of another religion, however, fear also played a big role in the Holocaust which led to the burnings of thousands of books written by those belonging to an “inferior” race. The Germans often claim that they were cleansing themselves of the ideas of other races and making the German language and culture pure. However, the fact that they burned books written by German authors proves that they weren’t just ridding their culture of other races, they were ridding themselves of those who had different opinions. One such example of a massive German book burning was held on May 10th, 1933 (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). German university students decided to burn 25,000 books that did

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