The Causes Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global warming and climate change is something that is going to do great harm to the world, unless we all step up and do something about it. So far, the overall worldwide temperature has increased at the fastest rate ever in recorded history. At this rate, that temperature is likely to increase by up to ten degrees in the next century, according to scientists. Now, you may be wondering “why is a gradual increase in temperatures such a bad thing?”. Even though it may seem like a harmless change, increased temperatures can actually lead to some harmful events, such as rising sea levels from melting glaciers (which would lead to flooding), destruction of natural habitats (which would lead to the extinction of many plants and animals), and higher levels of air pollution (which would cause more outbreaks of diseases). Luckily, there are ways to prevent these events from taking place, and to end global warming from continuing down this path of destruction.

There are many different factors that contribute to the continuation and the increase of global warming, majority of them being human-made. Global warming takes place when carbon dioxide (CO2), air pollutants (ozone and carbon monoxide as just some examples), and various greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere, absorbing sunlight and radiation. Usually this radiation would transfer into space, but because of the other pollutants that were collected in the atmosphere, the heat becomes trapped, therefor making the world get

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