The Causes Of Illegal Deforestation

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Speaking of the causes for this global issue, human activity is always considered as the primary driving force of deforestation, in which illegal logging is the first cause. Illegal logging stands for the action of harvesting, processing, transporting and buying or selling timber and wood products without the permission of law and regulation. Nowadays, people are not hesitating to cut down tons of trees and forest to earn more profits, but not being aware of deforestation. In the article “Deforestation and land use under insecure property rights”, the authors claimed that “Illegal logging decreases non-timber benefits to local people who have no means of safeguarding against it. Depending on the actual tree species composition of a given site, illegal logging in native forests arises in two forms, either by selective logging (also known as ‘high-grading’) of only the most valuable trees (such as mahogany or teak), or through excessive harvesting of timber volume beyond the allowed concessions size” (Gregory, Erkki, Markku, 2009, pp. 281-303). With lots of research, studies, and explanations, the authors strongly proved the direct relations between illegal logging and deforestation and lowering illegal logging and reinstating the law enforcement for insecure property use would be the key factors to decrease the deforestation rate.
Urbanization is the second most popular human activity that causes deforestation. There are currently more than 7 billion people on Earth, leading

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