The Causes Of Nat Turner's Rebellion?

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Nat Turner was very famous for his slave rebellion in the United States during 1831. Slavery was nowhere from being over and Turner felt that it was necessary for violence to happen, so slave owners can take the issue of banning slavery seriously. In Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup, Master Epps “looked upon the black a man simply as an animal, differing in no respect from any other animals…” (261). Slaves were treated as property rather than human beings. It was not fair that white slave-owners were able to take advantage of black slaves by breaking up families. When you have too many dogs and cannot take care of all of them, you sell the ones you do not want in order to get economic profit and the process for slaves was the same.

This paper analyses the cause and the outcome of the Nat Turner’s rebellion. It also shows how violence was justified in the movement to abolish slavery because it proved that slave-owners should take the interest of slaves very seriously and treat them as a human, it also became a turning point where some slaves had the power to fight for a cause that they truly believed in and to a certain degree they were successful.

Nat Turner did not like the way his people were being treated. Mistreatments on the black slaves pushed Nat and his followers to start the rebellion. In the movie “Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property “directed by Charles Burnett, “slavery was an institution that degraded people”. Blacks had no power whatsoever and had to

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