The Causes Of Obesity And Obesity

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Causes of Obesity When it comes to people health, what usually comes up in mind? People may think of some disease, such as cancer or stroke, but nobody thinks about Obesity, which has become one of the biggest issues in America. Obesity is the accumulation of unnecessary body fat. It is a lifestyle disease that is spreading fast worldwide. This disease is affecting individuals of all age, ethnicity, and gender. As we all know, America has an extended history of solving complex problems, but it seems like obesity has stuck with the American people. In the essay, called Politicians Want to tax us Thin, written by Kyle Smith, she states, “We know obesity is a problem, but just to be sure we need to spend more resources to study it” (501). Smith says that somehow we are unsuccessful to solve the problem of obesity, and it’s affecting many people all over the world. Many people’s problems are due to their bad habits: they do not care to read the labels of what they eat, and they do not think what is natural and healthy for them before they eat. People pass such habits to their children, as it is predictable, and now childhood obesity is also becoming a rising issue. Many factors contribute to the causes of obesity in America while health officials and scientists all agree on the more general causes including lack of exercise, eating junk food, and family lifestyle. Firstly, lack of exercise is one of the major causes of Obesity. An article called, The Causes and Effects of…

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