The Causes Of Racial Inequality In The United States

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Racial inequality has always been an issue of the past in the United States that is still present today, but what happens when racism interferes with the well being and health of minorities? When it comes to health African Americans fall at the bottom of the list. “African Americans are much more likely than people in other racial/ethnic groups to die from heart disease and stroke. Heart disease and stroke are the biggest reasons for inequality in life expectancy between whites and African Americans.” (Aetna) There are countless influences that contribute to the result of poor health of blacks in the United States such as racial discrimination, environmental exposures, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, the lack of access to health care, incarceration, poverty, various diseases and many more.
Today, gentrification has become a huge systematic problem especially in urban neighborhoods. Many fast food restaurants are being planted in areas where the vast majority of African Americans live. The nearest supermarket that sell fresh fruit and vegetables to urban areas are usually five or more miles away which means that many people are unable to travel to supermarkets. Also, these supermarkets have limited hours or they sell expensive food which makes it nearly impossible to purchase food for themselves or for their family. “African Americans are 1.4 times as likely as whites to have high blood pressure.” (Aetna) This makes it easier to purchase more unhealthy food that can

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