The Causes Of Reconstruction During The American Civil War

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The Civil War was fought in America from 1861-1865. Prior to that, while James Buchanan was president there was a huge disagreement about slavery between the northern and southern states. In response, the Confederate states began seceding from the Union. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was the president of the Union and Jefferson Davis was President of the Confederate States. The Confederacy was made of 11 southern states and the Union consisted of the other northern territories and states. The Union won and because of that slavery ended. As a result of everything that happened The Reconstruction began. Abraham Lincoln made the plan of it. The Reconstruction helped reunite the Nation and give people freedom. Between Lincoln's 10% Plan, The Civil Rights Acts of 1866, the 14th and 15th Amendment, and the Radical Reconstruction, the United States slowly got reconstructed. In 1863 during the Civil War and Lincoln’s presidency, Lincoln came out with “Lincoln’s 10% Plan.” The plan stated that if you were aloud to vote in 1860, therefore not black people, then you were able to swear an oath. The oath was to promise to be loyal to the Union. Ten percent meant that 10% of each states voters needed to accomplish this in order to be apart of the union again. The southerns also needed to agree that slavery was illegal. Once Lincoln made a plan for reuniting the states, his next plan was to reunite the white and black people within the United States. After the Civil War

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