The Causes Of The Titanic

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The news of the sinking was received in much confusion in the early hours of April 15th, 1912. The Olympic messaged that the “Titanic sank…Lost likely total 1,800 souls.” Although this was an overestimate of the lives lost, as the Titanic had only carried 2,200 passengers total, it was the first indication that the Titanic had gone down with 2/3 of her passengers. As lists of survivors came from the Carpathia, eager crowds awaited news of family members and friends, and it was no surprise that there were a significantly higher number of people weeping as compared to those rejoicing. The United States Senate called a hearing to investigate. After calling numerous witnesses, including the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Officers on the Titanic, the Senate published a disaster report. The first evidence that they found incriminating the ship was the lack of sufficient tests of both lifeboats and the ship’s equipment. On April 1st, the Titanic was test-run in Belfast Lough, but “the ship was not driven at her full speed” at any time during the trials. If this was true, then the first time that the Titanic was run at full speed was while she was moving through the ice field. The May 1912 issue of The Washington Times also stated, “no sufficient tests were made of boilers or bulkheads… and no life-saving or signal devices were reviewed.” Due to this, it was believed that both the officers and the crew were not well versed with the ship that they themselves were steering. Along

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