The Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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Introduction On June 28, 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was signed, ceasing World War I. The treaty left Germany to blame of everything that happened due to the war. Almost no opinion from the Germans was put in the treaty, therefore it was mostly written by the Allied powers. The Treaty of Versailles was an attempt of peace, or compromise after the conflict of World War I. It was a fight to decide what the treaty would consist of and it would be the cause of a new conflict, World War II. In this case instead of a compromise resolving the conflict, it causes the conflict.

France's economic situation was crushed. A large amount of money was spent to get medical care for the many wounded people. France’s sudden loss of manpower for production and weak agriculture added to the failure in economy.

So much of the property damage was lost that it cannot be calculated or estimated. Much of the war was fought in France, so many houses and villages were destroyed. The war destroyed wine orchards and agricultural areas. Many discarded shells were left on the ground, which stopped use of the land until it was cleaned up.

French lost about 1,697,800 people and fell behind Germany and England in population. It was truly devastating because nearly every family lost at least one family member. Around 700 people were disabled. Children's parents died and eventually there were many orphans.

Great Britain lost around 750,000 soldiers and 1,500,000 were wounded. Nearly 2 million
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