The Causes and Effects of Global Health Issues.

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The Causes and Effects of Global Health Issues. Despite the fact that a significant improvement has been made in medical treatment, global health is still a serious issue that needs addressing. One aspect of this is widespread diseases, which have been threatening nations all around the world, bringing about a number of problematic effects. Furthermore, developing countries are at a disadvantage in terms of reacting to these illnesses due to their high level of poverty and shortage of education. In particular, cancer, AIDS, and malaria are considered to be severe diseases in developing countries. Therefore, possible causes and effects of these particular diseases will be discussed in this essay. Cancer has been regarded as the most…show more content…
Another feature is that the disease can slow down the economic growth resulted in a large amount of direct and indirect costs. For example, the government may spend money on medical care, drugs, and funeral expenses for direct costs and on taking care of orphans for indirect costs (Bollinger and Stover, 1999). Statistics prove that AIDS has already reduced the economic growth rates by 2-4% annually in Africa (British Medical Journal, 2002). The second effect of AIDS is at an individual level. Firstly, households are likely to lose income because of an AIDS patient. The data indicates that AIDS-related treatments can cost one-third of a family’s income per month (D.S., n.d.). Moreover, medical fees especially care-related expenses push these households deeper into poverty. Burkina Faso’s research has discovered that AIDS will increase the number of people living in abject poverty from 45% in 2000 to 51% in 2015 (D.S., n.d.). Additionally, a lot of women are forced to turn to prostitution in order to financially support their AIDS relatives (D.S., n.d.). In many cases, households are broken up due to AIDS (D.S., n.d.). Secondly, as family members become ill or die, children have to abandon their education and take on more responsibility to look after their family. Furthermore, an increasing number of African children are becoming orphans as a consequence of AIDS. Fleshman (2001)
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