The Problems Caused by AIDS in Africa

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Did you know “AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa” (Quinn, online). Twenty percent of Africa’s population has died from AIDS. Poverty is a big problem in Africa. Men have been forced to become migrant workers in urban areas. And antiretroviral treatment at this time is not available to African people. AIDS is a big problem in Africa today that is now requiring help from the world. There are an immense amount of problems in Africa caused by the AIDS disease. Healthcare providers are available and located all over Africa. Even though they are available, they have only “enough medicine for long-term survival available for 30,000 Africans” (Copson, 3). The continents political, religious, media, and other leaders are unwilling to open up and fight the disease. The problem with this is no one is spreading awareness about AIDS. To add, the World doesn’t know much about AIDS and how much it is affecting Africa as a country.
Poverty is the biggest problem of all in Africa. In addition, it is limiting the blood supply in Africa. Next, because of low blood supply they are not able to help people with the AIDS disease. Finally, another big problem caused by AIDS is orphans. There are eleven million orphans in Africa. “Health officials begun to refer to these parentless children as the Lost Generation…” (PBS, video). Many children in Africa are orphans as their parents were killed from the disease. The home life for these children is very different

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