Should There Be Banned In William Randolph Hearst´s Yellow Journalism?

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Yellow Journalism was a form of newspaper that told outrageous stories to catch the readers’ eye. Newspaper publishers William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer II used the form of journalism as a marketing campaign to get customers, in order to buy their newspapers. They include stories, drawings, and cartoons. Instead, the journal gave birth to modern-day investigative Journalism. It was during the 1890s, this newspaper would cause a war between the United States and Spain. What would plunge America into the Spanish-America was that “William Randolph Hearst wrote a story of America in a war with Cuba, which he said would not just sell millions of papers, but make him the head honcho of the newspaper business.” Although the journal is influence to future news stories, some modern critics have considered Yellow Journalism as disclosure of privacy. According to Vanaik, “Yellow journalism must be opposed, but it is astonishing that methods that restrict the democratic rights of freedom of the press and journalists, specifically the right of journalists to protect their sources, should be advocated to tackle problems which should and can be dealt with by methods when are not restrictive of basic liberties.” Provided, Hearst “made reports to depict the Cubans as savages, who made their women slaves, host public executions, and that a rebellion for independence caused war to break out in Cuba. However, Hearst’s depiction of Cuba would not be the main cause of America’s

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