The Chains That Bind By Bradybourassa

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The Chains That Bind by bradybourassa Fiction » Fantasy Rated: T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, Words: 55k+, Favs: 1, Follows: 2, Published: Apr 12 Updated: 1h ago
Chapter 2: The first link
PART 1- This is the world we made.

25 years ago:

The crunch of foliage under his boots was the only sound for miles, as the knight Siegfried marched through the woodlands on a lone patrol. His sword was sheathed and on his hip as he pushed aside bushes and low hanging branches. "Blasted nettles" he cursed as he pushed through a bush, relying on his steel armor to protect him. "Why do they even send us on patrol anyway?" He rambled to himself "Every evil thing that crawls, walks, slithers, swims or flies on this planet has been quiet."

He was jolted out of his thoughts by a piercing scream that echoed throughout the woodlands and in three seconds, just like he was trained: his sword was out, his shield was in his right hand, and his visor was down. This was done as a second scream pierced his ears. Siegfried ran in the direction of the scream knocking bushes and vines away with his weapons.

The scream came from a young elven woman, who currently was surrounded by a pack of trolls and they snarled at her and waved their weapons in her direction. The elven woman was covered in bruises and was struggling to stand on her legs. She held a dagger in a shaky hand with fear written on her pretty features.

The trolls advanced in her direction

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