The Challenges : One Of Averna's Tale

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The first individual that was chosen to be one of Averna’s knights was an Ignis fighter, a boy born at one of the oasis villages. Husam became skilled with duel scimitars as he fought the creatures and roving barbarian tribes that lived in the desert that surrounded his home. He refused to become the leader of his village, instead he went with the trading caravans to insure that his people would always have an open trade route. His village experienced peace and prosperity well into his adult years. He finally fell when one caravan was set upon by a whole horde of barbarians. Husam fell, but so did all the barbarians, no one else in the caravan dying. He has been at Averna’s side ever since. “How do we get out of here, thief?” In every …show more content…

Now that seemed so stupid and naïve of me, but I was never supposed to be here. “I can try, but I do not remember all that well what he looks like, you are not tall enough which will be a problem if they touch you, and I do not have a lot of energy left. I will not be able to hold it for long.” Right now walking was a bit hard and my head was in so much pain that my teeth hurt. If I did too much more even my full body illusion would drop and I would be in serious trouble. No one could see my real face. “You think that the castle guards are going to really remember what he looks like either? Unless he made a spectacular ass of himself, which is likely now that I think about it, they are just going to see the guard outfit and let us pass.” I might have believed him if he did not sound so unsure of the plan. “So we are going to be pierced with arrows instead of hanged, perfect,” I sighed. “A little trust, please. This is going to work,” Kaden stopped us at the edge of the orchard. From the trunk of what looked like an apple tree, we could see the front gate. It was still open from the admittance of the ambassador, but it looked as if they were about start closing them. “If you ask me to trust you one more time, may the gods help you,” I snapped, but started gathering up the light beams to put an illusion around Kaden. It was a lot harder to weave a whole body illusion when the dimension of the individual was

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