Essay on The Changeover: A Short Story

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"Kylie, you have to go to school today," my mom insisted.

"No, mom, but I'm still not feeling well. I have a head ache"

"No excuses, Missy. I think you are perfectly fine."

After I saw that news on Facebook, now I really wished to skip school. I let out a deep sigh.

It was time to face the music.


Then, when I was about to enter the classroom, I spotted Roxanne and stopped her.

"We need to talk," I told her.

"I have nothing to talk about, with you," she scoffed.

"No, I've been trying to talk to you since yesterday," I hissed back.

"Fine, make it fast. Guys, go ahead first," Roxanne told the other girls.

"I saw you kissing Jake on the date night, Roxanne," I confessed.

"Great. So, I don't have to explain …show more content…

our friendship wouldn't last longer.

It was always like that from 7th grade. I always had an uneasy feeling that our friendship would break someday- perhaps, that's why I tried so hard to be nice to Roxanne.

My trust in her was completely destoryed from today- like a glass jar plunged to the grounds, forever and always... shattered.

My lips trembled. I thought I was primed from the break of our friendship, but somewhere deep inside my heart, it ached. I didn't exactly know why; but it ached.


When I came back after lunch, I saw Lucy and am chatting in the classroom and I paused, as I was unsure whether to enter or not.

"What's wrong with that nerdy girl?" Sam, a girl in my class, hissed.

"You mean Kylie?" the other girl, Lucy, who squealed about Austin last time, asked.

Wait. Me? Why are they talking about me?

"She's such a slut," Sam snarled.

"Why? She seems alright. Just a little boring though,"Lucy replied.

"Don't you know? Half the school already knows; You know how Roxanne and Jake had a 'thing' going on, right? They had feelings for each other."


"Well, Kylie tried to steal Jake the whole time, from Roxanne- but of course, which guy would choose her between her and Roxanne?"

"But, there's no evidence."

"There is! Didn't you notice? Lately, Kylie has been flirting with Jake during Maths, and apparently, she asked him out, but got rejected. She acted as if she was such a good friend of Roxanne's, but look at her- trying to

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