The Changing World. Former President Barak Obama Said ‘Denying

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The Changing World Former president Barak Obama said ‘Denying climate change is like arguing that the moon is made of cheese’ (“News”). He provides an exact opinion on Climate change that it is not a theory; it is a fact. Every year is becoming warmer than the previous one which ultimately changes our way of living. People living in coastal area are experiencing more floods than ever before and others are facing health related problems. Glaciers and snowcapped mountains are melting, which leads to increase in sea levels. Furthermore, it has destroyed the natural habitat of aquatic animals and polar bears. This has led to unwanted alteration in the ecosystem. And most importantly various islands are on the verge of sinking into the ocean. …show more content…

About 9,000 glacial lakes are identified in the Himalaya of South Asia, out of which 200 lakes are identified as potentially dangerous glacial lakes and liable to burst out at any time” (Shrestha). Likewise, snowcapped mountains are turning into dark rocky mountains. It has certainly destroyed the natural beauty, although that is not what matters the most compared to other difficulties. Melting of ice in Himalayas also weakens the grip between mountain and snow which leads to avalanches. “Giant chunks of ice swept down a treacherous section of Mount Everest known as the Khumbu Icefall, claiming 16 lives in the single deadliest accident on the world’s highest peak” (Maltby). This is the result of dangerous glacial lakes caused by increasing temperature. This proves the climate change, capable of such caliber of destruction is not a myth. Coastal region and Islands have faced more problems with an increase in sea levels. This is mainly caused by the melting of ice and water expansion due to increase in temperature. It has considerably influenced human populations in coastal and island regions. Maldives, a small island nation in the northern part of the Indian Ocean, is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of water level rise due to its low altitude from the mean sea level. “As The lowest-lying country in the world, the average elevation is 1 meter (3.3 feet)

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