The Chapter Of Chapter Short Story

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I cannot tell you how I ended up in this situation, because I myself do not know. Nobody, not even I, would have expected that my wife could’ve done something like this, or that I would allow this to happen to me. I do not expect to make it out of here alive, so I will share the events of my day, or as much as I am aware of.

All was well in the morning. Mary was serving our morning meal when I saw the invitation. It was for a party at the mansion that the Stiers’ resided in. They had thrown many parties, so no suspicion was arisen from me. Mary seemed very eager to go, and she had not previously shown much interest in public affairs, but I disregarded this too. Although I suspected something might be off, I didn’t worry too much. I ate …show more content…

Upon closer inspection I realized that it was a torch burning in a corner, and that the substance on the wall was blood. I didn’t know where it came from, but I heard sounds coming from further down the hall. I wiped the blood off and went to follow the noise, which now sounded like screams.

I believe that I am somewhere underground, for this place is too large and dark to be constructed above ground. It also seems that these noises would be heard by surrounding people, so I must be somewhere deep. I do not know if Mary had anything to do with me being here, but I know she must’ve let them do it for I was alone upon waking. If I had not had as much to drink I wouldn’t have let myself get brought into this situation.

I reached where I thought I heard the fighting, but didn’t see anything. The room had a pungent smell of fresh blood, and I found that the walls were wet again. Other than the blood, the walls seemed to be made of old stone with many cracks. There were many corridors that led in different directions, and eventually they led to a large main room. I was in the main room, and I started walking slowly trying to find the next passage.

If I could see, I would’ve immediately backed up and ran back from where I came from to avoid what I was about to encounter. But since I couldn’t I started slowly walking backwards when I realized what was

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