Character Analysis: Day in 'Legend' by Marie Lu

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In the novel Legend by Marie Lu, there is one character in which I would be delighted to be my friend. Day is everything you ask for in a friend. He is an honest and humble person. Day has a charisma as well as a loving personality to him that makes his loved ones like to be around him. If there were two words to describe Day, it would be daring and caring. Day completes all of these stunts to annoy and anger the Republic. He gets hurt sometimes, like his three story fall out of the hospital, but always springs right back life. Day is a caring person because of his actions towards his family and dearest friends. In the book on page 6, Day shows that he cares for his family. “I dig through the little pile of goodies inside the bundle, then hold up a used pair of goggles. I check them again to make sure there are no cracks in the glass. ‘For John. An early birthday gift.’ My older brother turns nineteen later this week. He works fourteen-hour shifts in the neighborhood plants friction stores and always comes home rubbing his eyes from the smoke. These goggles were a lucky steal from a military supply shipment.” Even while Day is constantly living on the run and off of his steals, he still manages to take care of his family. John is the messenger that gives most of Days care packages to the family. No one else knows in which Day is still alive and that he is now the Republic’s most wanted criminal. While living on the streets with Tess as his only company, he still cares about

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